Bright Planet offers real Japanese-style Room known as Washitsu in Japanese. The concept of Washitsu is using nature to instill a symbol of comfort and beauty. For example, it creates scenery that makes a window appear like a flame, where the viewer considers the view of the window frame as a painting. The real Washitsu creates calm, relaxing and healing effect.

Washitsu Appeal

The biggest Washitsu appeal can be used in various ways. A Washitsu room is used in multiple purposes as a daily space such as the living room or bed room.

It is possible to use it as a Buddhist altar room or a guest room. Washitsu creates a calm atmosphere, and it makes you feel calm and relaxed. Nowadays, Washitsu is considered as a multifaceted space which isn’t fettered by tradition.

Washitsu appeal emphasizes a quiet mood as it harnesses the inner and outer sides of the room, keeping both in clear view. Washitsu enhances its inner space’s serenity by taking outdoors sound and air flow as part of its unique consequents. A Washitsu that is open toward to the outside world takes much ingenuity to accept the influence of nature. Tatami (mats) and Shoji (screens) are good examples as both are designed for the hot and humid climate of Japan. Tatami is pleasant in summer, while Shoji paper has been designed to capture the soft light from outside. Tatami and Shoji shield Washitsus in high openness from sudden changes in humidity and temperature.


Basic Configuration

  1. Floor
  2. Ceiling
  3. Wall
  4. Door
  5. Option


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