Bright Planet Co. Ltd. was established on the 25th of May, 2005.
We started the company as a traveler agency as a mediator we were helping retired people to travel easily for booking flights and hotels during their long term stay in foreign countries.
In May 2006, we started selling short term travel plans as we acquired the government official certificate in tourism industry.
In May 2007, we moved the office to Inazawa-city, Aichi.
As the office was moved, we opened an English school aiming to promote the travelers English ability and other learners in Japan. The idea was productive since many people were interested in traveling.
In 2008, the company profit of the year marked more than 50,000,000.
In June 2010, we started our exporting project as we decided to focus our business vision on the international market to expand our business. At the same time, we opened an online English school project cooperating with Stone Field International in the United States.
In January 2011, we created our new website Bright Planet International for the international market (
In March of 2011 Bright Planet started a contract work with the Japanese Public Employment Security Office and the operations with the Industrial Design School that is supported by the same agency.
In November of 2012 we started the project of selling Japanese traditional Interiors and house designs.




3B Murakami-bldg ,2-13-8 Marunouchi Naka-ku

Nagoya-city,Aichi,460-0002 Japan

Tel (+81)  (0)52-766-6052

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Monday to Friday 10:00~19:00

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